Chevrolet Dealership Launches DoubleTake’s iSticker App and Glass Touch Screen DreamWall!

DoubleTake Technologies and Norman Frede Chevrolet in Houston, TX launch iSticker Software and a 5 ft wide x 6 ft high glass touch screen DreamWall! iSticker brings the dealership’s inventory to their tablets and the Chevrolet “Bowtie” logo shaped rear-projection DreamWall! The sales team can browse or search vehicle inventory and flick selected vehicles from the tablet to the DreamWall for a much more visual presentation to the customer. They can also flick selected vehicles from the DreamWall to the tablet and walk the customer out to the lot location to show them the vehicle. Customers can also browse and search the inventory on the DreamWall while waiting for available salesman or to simply explore “pressure-free”. iSticker updates inventory automatically and maintains a database of vehicle locations, thus saving the sales team significant amounts of time searching for particular vehicles on the lot.