DoubleTake Creates Custom 85 in. Glass Touch and Kinect Screen at UT Tyler

DoubleTake Technologies ( launches the world’s largest 85″ glass Kinect and Touch Screen at the University of Texas at Tyler in Tyler, TX. The system is used to display news, information, events and provide a unique wayfinding solution to help students find the location of classrooms, events, and more! When the user walks up near the screen the Kinect for Windows sensor and camera places a transparent background video of the user onto a “You Are Here” location on the floorplan and provides animated directions from the screen to any of the locations in the University Center. To make the experience even more unique and fun, the users can wave their arms and hit falling stars around on the screen while standing on the floorplan 🙂 The University Center Welcome Staff can also use DoubleTake’s LaunchPad FlickIT Technology to “flick” content from their tablet or laptop onto the large screen! Students can also “flick” content from the large screen to their tablet and take it with them! This unique solution features a custom touch screen stand that was designed to match the existing Welcome Desk.