DoubleTake Launches Exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts Houston!

DoubleTake Technologies launched an Interactive Art Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston!   DoubleTake created an innovative “touch magnifying glass” user experience that makes is easy for visitors to touch the screen and learn about the American Adversaries historical paintings.   Users can move their fingers around on the painting and it zooms in as they explore.   The users can also touch on special spots on the painting and information about that particular part of the painting is displayed.   The exhibit consists of two of DoubleTake’s DreamScreen3000 transparent, acrylic rear-projection touch screens.  “American Adversaries charts the rise and spectacular success of contemporary history painting in the 18th century through the lives and experiences of two colonial American innovators: Benjamin West (1738–1820) and John Singleton Copley (1738–1815). This major exhibition is the first to offer a revealing look at their ambitious, competitive, and highly successful lives.”  Stop by the Museum and check them out!  More to come!

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