SAP, Touch Interactive 3D Oil Rig Dashboard

„Created touch interactive 3D Oil rig with system health monitoring dashboards and global map view of rig locations.



  • Tabular data screens to manage assets

  • Needed more visual system health monitoring solution

  • Needed touch-friendly software

  • Needed cutting-edge interactive solution for presentations and trade shows


  • Highly visual dashboards for viewing Oil and Gas data

  • Oil rig map data visualization on Google Maps with rotating 3D cube with summary dashboard data

  • System health monitoring and visual problem notifications on 3D models

  • Interactive 3D models with capability to touch part on model and launch related dashboard data

  • FlickIT software for flicking 3D models or dashboards from one screen to another

  • Microsoft Kinect interactions for optional moving models with hand and arm motions

  • Designed and installed two 73” custom rear-projection glass touch wall on existing glass conference room walls

  • Design mobile glass touch wall for demonstrations at trade shows