NASA, Risk Management and Process Automation Software

Created risk management and visualization software and automated the risk management review process between various NASA centers around the U.S.




  • Too much wait time in Risk review process
  • Too much time in review meetings
  • Using out of date technology with cumbersome user interfaces
  • Spending too much time on “Powerpoint Engineering” to explain the risks
  • No control over the length of the review presentations
  • No means to get related data from other database without duplication of data


  • Rich Gantt chart visualization of risks and the mitigation plan burndown
  • Review quad chart, mitigation plan, and Gantt chart displays automatically generated from database
  • Simple risk management routing and approval process using a data-centric change management process
  • Blog collaboration throughout the review process to reduce meeting review time and expedite the process online
  • Electronic polling, prioritization and routing
  • Track communications history, versions, decisions and votes
  • Web service integration with external databases that contain related requirements, schedules, and costs.