Linn Energy, Oil & Gas SCADA Cloud Integration and Dashboards

Integrated over a million SCADA data points and created web and mobile dashboards to monitor and manage production across many oil and natural gas wells, compressors, pipelines, tanks, and processing plants.

Created powerful Oil and Gas Production Management Dashboards by using our Cloud technologies to merge millions of oil well meters, gas well meters, water meters, compressors meters, tank gauges, and plant data records from several different SCADA Systems, GIS Systems, and other databases and spreadsheets.

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  • Organize and manage over a Million points of SCADA data across many oil and natural gas wells, compressors, pipelines, tanks, and processing plants with over 7.3 Tcfe of proved reserves in producing basins across the U.S.

  • Long wait time in migrating acquired assets on various other SCADA systems and Pump Systems (Telvent, Wonderware, LOWIS, XSPOC, ProCount) over to the central system

  • Data duplication and database replication causing data to get out of sync often

  • Many reports manually created or manipulated using Microsoft Excel Fixed dashboards that require all organizations to comply

  • Day-to-day troubleshooting requires manual scanning of data across multiple long spreadsheet-like reports to determine potential problem areas

  • Lack of user confidence in SCADA data quality

  • Cumbersome user experience

  • Slow performance

  • No mobile device dashboard and report access


  • Created Cloud API to quickly combine data from multiple SCADA systems, Access databases, Excel files into dashboards and reports

  • Created responsive or mobile first design to allow access from any device

  • Created more visual user experience with colorful donut charts, trend plots, pie charts, bar charts, etc.

  • User customizable dashboards

  • Flexible widget-based design for easy customization and re-use

  • Greatly expedited troubleshooting and production analysis process

  • Created Summary dashboards that provide total volumes based on selected data filter criteria (Areas, Routes, etc.)

  • Created Exception List Widgets that automatically identify problems or potential problems like low producing wells, down compressors, O2 leaks, etc.

  • Quick drill-down into details dashboards from Summaries and Exception List widgets Significantly improved performance

  • Created Flow View that shows the upstream and downstream data to assist in troubleshooting

  • Created Map View to show Latitude and Longitude locations of all the selected and upstream and downstream equipment in the flow

  • Map visualization by integrating ESRI ArcGIS/ArcMap solutions into the dashboards