We help our clients create unique, innovative experiences that make people do a DoubleTake!  From high-impact mobile apps to executive dashboards to robotics apps for astronauts and touch screen apps for chimps!

We help companies that are frustrated with their limited technologies or want to do something new and innovative, but lack the resources or fear the high cost.

Cloud Integration and Automation Apps Mobile and Interactive Apps
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Process Automation
  • Cloud Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Trade Show and Sales Apps
  • Interactive Touch Screen Apps
  • “Edu-tainment” Apps
  • Virtual Reality Apps

Mobile and Interactive Apps 

Our team has extensive experience in creating mobile and interactive apps on all devices:

  • Create the perfect mobile app
  • Build high-impact sales apps
  • Bring fun to sales and promotion with branded apps and games
  • Make education fun with “Edu-tainment” apps
  • Immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps
  • Create the ultimate interactive experience for your lobby, trade show, museum, zoo, etc.

We create responsive solutions that work on all devices:  mobile phones, touch screens, transparent glass touch screens, touch walls, touch tables, immersive technologies, and more!

Cloud Integration and Automation Apps

Our team helps improve your business processes and decision making with executive dashboards that bring together the data you need at the right point in your process from any technologies in any industry, including ERP, SCADA, Oil & Gas Production Accounting, GIS, CRM, Financial, Digital Signage, Communications, and many more:

  • Deliver relevant data to personal executive dashboards
  • Improve and automate business processes
  • Apply business intelligence logic to support your decision making
  • Improve the usability of your existing cumbersome software
  • Create mobile apps to access your data from anywhere
  • Setup Cloud solutions that bring data together from many sources
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and improve data quality
  • Visualize your location data on maps
  • Design software architectures that enable fast integration with your acquisitions
  • Emerging Technology Insertion

We have over 25 years of experience providing solutions for many small businesses up to high profile brands like NASA, CBS, Paula Abdul, Linn Energy, Houston Zoo, SAP, Chevrolet, Fujitsu, Fidelity, Utility Metering Solutions, and more!

Compassion Sourcing Business Model

Our unique Compassion Sourcing business model makes it possible for us to provide high quality, low cost solutions for our clients while bringing jobs and life transformation to people in developing countries around the world.

“We’re all about high-impact technology and compassion!”

Why Compassion Outsourcing with DoubleTake?

  • 30-40% cost reduction without sacrificing quality
  • Support poverty reduction and job creation by simply “fund shifting” not fund raising!
  • Bring life transformation to people in desperate need for opportunities
  • Diversify your software development outsourcing portfolio
  • Better employee retention
  • Developers in U.S. time zones unlike most India, African and Eastern European outsourcing options
  • Compassion Outsourcing goes beyond just software outsourcing like the typical “Impact Sourcing” and “Socially Responsible Outsourcing” companies by listening to the other needs of the people we are trying to help and work to bring new technologies and solutions in a variety of technology areas like education, energy, healthcare, water purification, utilities, well water drilling and distribution, agriculture, irrigation, food safety, emergency relief, rescue, safety, security, training, communications, GIS, Internet of Things, robotics, automation, manufacturing, distribution, and any other technology that helps accomplish our compassion mission.